Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick update

So I decided to take Dr. S up on his offer of Provera to jump start my next cycle.  Since this cycle has been annovulatory I'm afraid my weird light bleeding is going to mess up my CD 1 and my chances of shedding any extra lining.  This morning we stopped at the main office on the way to work and got my blood drawn.  Just got the call back a few minutes ago.  No Provera for me.  The nurse said that the blood work showed I was close to ovulating.  What the what?  She asked me to come in again next Thursday morning to repeat the test.  Troll ovaries strike again.

We are currently trying to avoid pregnancy until final confirmation of my ute shape.  As much as I would love to get pregnant before March 18th, exactly one year since my miscarriage, it's too much of a risk.

My MRI is scheduled for Wednesday morning.  It will be with and without contrast so I've been freaking myself out with horror stories of bad reactions to the dye and fumbling techs blowing veins.  Never imagined trying to get pregnant would get so complicated.

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