Monday, March 11, 2013

Thank you Groupon

You have given us something to look forward to when the hell that is Go Live is finally over.

I had heard of Groupon before, but never utilized it.  When Dave's friend sent him a Groupon deal for an all inclusive in Dominican Republic it seemed too good to pass up.  Well due to lack of communication the deal expired before a final decision could be made.  Completely bummed I decided to keep an eye on new deals to see if another all inclusive came up.  A few days later it appeared.  Four nights plus two free massages at a small all inclusive in St Lucia.

I annoyingly poked and prodded Dave to check and see if his friends wanted to join us.  There was no way I was letting this deal slip away.  After a few days of no answers and phone tag it was time for an executive decision.  We purchased the Groupon last night, got our vacation time approved today, and will book the hotel and flight this evening.  Looks like our 3 year anniversary will be spent in tropical paradise.

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