Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One step at a time

Dave's mom is home and resting.  It's really scary to think that she was about three days away from a massive heart attack.  She has to start a heart healthy diet, which will be good for her and Dave's dad.

I have a MRI scheduled for next week to take more detailed scans of my sad uterus.  Dr. S wants to confirm that it is unicornuate and not just a septum or possible bicornuate.  He also wants to check out my kidneys and make sure there are two in there.  As usual, he is a pillar of optimism and reassured me that an UU should not inhibit me getting pregnant.

The HSG must have really pissed off my uterus and ovaries.  This cycle looks to be annovulatory and I have been having red to brown spotting since the weekend accompanied by sharp cramps.  Not cool body, not cool.  Hopefully the coming period will be kind enough to clean out the excess uterine lining, I'd rather not have to do the endometrial biopsy.  Lower prolactin would be good too.

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