Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keep it together Wolf

With only two hours left in the day and our big appointment tomorrow morning my attention span has plummeted.  My eyes instantly glaze over as I try to concentrate on my spreadsheets.  I have been good about staying away from Dr. Google though.  Just trying to make it to five o'clock and be somewhat productive.

Yesterday night was our weekly board game and bad movie night so that kept me very distracted.  We are usually a group of five that comprises of our friends P, C, A, Dave, and myself.  A was sick last night so our group was down to four, a perfect number for gaming.  We started off with a game of Gloom.

It's a wonderfully morbid card game that involves making your family of five very sad, then killing them.  The cards are hilarious and you are encouraged to get into the storytelling aspect of the game.  There are modifying cards that will make characters happy again and can be used to trip up your fellow players.  Dave ended up winning by a landslide.

The other game was Penny Arcade The Game: Rumble in R'lyeh.

It is a deck building card game based around the crazy world of Penny Arcade.  Everyone starts with a set amount of currency based on their character card.  With that you need to build your deck and gain the most victory points to win.  It is in the same vein as games like Dominion.  A must have for any Penny Arcade fans!

Our background movies were quite horrible.  First up was Blubberella, a wacky movie by Uwe Boll about a large half vampire heroine and her search for love and her love of killing Nazis.  It's absolutely horrible and ridiculous, but gave everyone a good laugh.  The second movie was Poolboy: Drowning out the Fury starring Kevin Sorbo and Danny Trejo.  Walked through by the director, this movie that was deemed too terrible to be released is riddled with interviews with the actors and weird frame rates.  The premise of the story is Kevin Sorbo as a Vietnam Vet whose friend is killed right before the war ends.  Sorbo takes up his friend's dream of owning a pool cleaning business and proceeds to have a turf war with the Mexicans in his home town.  This was possibly more ridiculous than Blubberella, but the strange frame rates did hurt the eyes after a while.

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