Monday, March 25, 2013

CD 2

The heavy bleeding started yesterday signaling the end of cycle #17.  It was my longest cycle to date at 47 days.  I am relieved it is over and had thought the timing of CD 1 was perfect.  We have our follow up with Dr. S on Wednesday so he would have the results of CD 3 (Tuesday) testing for our appointment.  I called the office to report the start of my period, left a message, and promptly missed the call back from the nurse about 30 minutes later.  Her message stated that she would talk to Dr. S about the plan of action and call me back tomorrow.

By 3:30 today I was losing my mind.  Why hadn't they called back?  I finally broke down and called.  Luckily I got my favorite receptionist, Joy, and she quickly hunted down the nurse.  The nurse was on the line with another patient, but Joy got all of the information.  Dr. S. would possibly do the ultrasound and blood work during our appointment on Wednesday.

Now I am really anxious for our meeting and what will be discussed.  Why wouldn't he want to check my lining or Prolactin level before Wednesday?  

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