Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet dreams

My dreams are usually forgotten the moment I open my eyes.  Bits and pieces may linger, but will soon fade away no matter how hard I try to hold on.  So when I wake up and the dream remains firmly rooted in my memory, I can't help but wonder if it's a sign.  My dreams have come true in the past, though they are usually small, seemingly insignificant moments.  The feeling of deja vu washes over me and I have an almost out of body experience as the memory of the dream and real life seem to overlap and become one for a few moments.  It hasn't happened in a while, but I also have not remembered any dreams in a while.  That is, until yesterday.

I woke up nearly in tears.  For a few moments I didn't know if I was actually awake or still asleep.  Dave was fast asleep next to me and the cats were cuddled up by our legs.  Miria stirred, looked at me sleepily, stretched out, then curled back up to sleep.  Did I dare try to remember the dream I was just engrossed in?  Would it just slip away?  Would I lose the beautiful image that had brought tears to my eyes?  

The dream stayed, it planted strong roots and I can still easily recall every detail.  Dave and I were in the hospital, it was time to meet our baby.  Dream labor is awesome by the way, no pain at all.  After a few pushes our sweet baby entered the world.  They placed the small bundle in my arms and we got our first look at our beautiful baby girl.  She had a full head of wavy brown hair and the most stunning hazel green eyes, just like Dave's.  She was perfect, absolutely perfect.  Dave kissed my forehead and smiled, happy tears filled our eyes.  That's when consciousness pulled me away despite my struggle to stay and enjoy the bliss.

I choose to believe this dream symbolizes hope.  We will get our sweet rainbow baby someday.


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