Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One and done

If I never had to do a HSG again that would be wonderful.  The tech was very nice and reassuring, explaining everything thoroughly.  The doctor came in and the fun started.  Apparently my uterus is tucked up in a corner so she had a lot of trouble getting the speculum in the right place.  It took about ten minutes of severe discomfort before she finally had success.  Once the catheter was in place the dye was inserted.  There was no pain with the dye, just a strange sensation of fullness in my uterus.  After another five minutes of taking pictures it was over.

The doctor pointed out on the screen that one tube appeared open, but couldn't be certain if the other tube was clear.  She'll have the results to Dr. S within a day or two.

The catheter and speculum were removed and dye came gushing out.  Now that is a really weird feeling.  I have some light bleeding and cramping, but nothing too bad.  The kitties are keeping me company on the couch and Dave ordered us delicious comfort food lunch.

Tomorrow I have to call Dr. S and schedule our follow up appointment.  Hopefully we'll get in sometime next week.

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