Monday, February 18, 2013

Sail away

Can we just skip to Thursday, that would be great.  We have our follow up appointment with Dr. S that evening and I am waffling between excitement and absolute dread.  The excitement is for being able to move forward.  We'll know most of the factors and possibly come up with a treatment plan.  The dread is the fear of bad news.  With how messed up my cycles have been over the past year I am expecting something to be off with my hormones.  I am also on edge for the results of the HSG.

To battle these conflicting emotions I have busied myself with a much more pleasant activity, researching cruises for our June vacation.  We've been discussing a potential summer getaway for a while now.  Our original thought had been an all inclusive in the Caribbean, but Dave has been really liking the idea of a cruise.  He has never been on one before and we have not heard great reviews from friends about all inclusives.  The only cruise I have been on is a Disney Cruise with my family about ten years ago.  It was so much fun and they do a great job of having lots of adult only areas.  I spent a good part of yesterday researching different cruise options and dates, but we are both leaning towards a 3 night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas with a potential short stay at Disney World afterwards.

If we were to get lucky and I ended up pregnant this cycle I would be, at the very most, 19 weeks along come vacation time.  The cut off for cruises for pregnant ladies is 24 weeks so I'd be in the clear.  So this cruise will turn out to be either a babymoon or a much needed break from our normal lives.  

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