Friday, February 8, 2013

Do over

It can never be simple, can it?  Yesterday morning seemed to go so well.  My troll veins behaved and the nurse was able to easily draw blood.  The dildo cam and I got well acquainted, but with minimal pain and no freak outs.  The whole appointment from start to finish lasted about fifteen minutes.

At 3pm I get a call from the office.  They have my ultrasound results.  My uterine lining was too thick, I need to come back in the following morning to repeat the ultrasound.  While it's not the worst thing in the world, it still sucks.  They were able to see me again before 8 at the office by work.

So we leave the house early again this morning and the snow is already starting to fall.  Luckily traffic was light and we got to the office on time.  The tech ended up being a few minutes late, but she got everything prepped and ready to go very quickly.  Insertion was a lot more painful this time.  Once in I had more cramping and discomfort than yesterday as well.  The tech told me to relax, my tensing was making the pictures blurry.  I closed my eyes and relaxed as much as I possibly could.  She finished up after a few minutes and that was it.

Fingers crossed my lining was not as thick this morning.  The office that is closer to our home is still about 30 minutes away.  With the amount of snow we are supposed to get tonight I don't think we could get there tomorrow morning.  Our complex is terrible when it comes to plowing, especially on the weekends.


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