Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Never simple...

I started getting anxious yesterday since I had not heard back from Dr. S about my HSG results.  Right when I had decided to call my phone starts to ring.  Of course it was Dr. S's office.  My heart started to race as I answered the phone.  It was not Dr. S, it was one of the receptionists.  She said they had received the written results of my HSG, but Dr. S wanted the images.  I needed to drop the CD off to them at my earliest convenience.

When I voiced my confusion she said I should have received a CD of images right after the procedure.  Well, that was news to me.  I could have been spending the two weeks before my RE appointment obsessing over pictures of my dye filled uterus and tubes.  ::sigh::  I immediately called the radiologist and left a voice mail with the medical records department.  If I don't hear back before 10 am then I will call again just to be annoying.  Dave and I will most likely be driving down there during lunch to pick up the CD.  Luckily Dr. S's main office is about seven minutes away from the radiologist.  Update:  Talked to the medical records guy and the CD is ready to be picked up!  We'll be driving down to get it during lunch.

So I drank a few glasses of wine last night.  We had six friends over for our weekly Board Game/Bad Movies night and it was a blast.  We played Cards Against Humanity, which is the adult version of Apples to Apples, and watched Titanic 2 and Sand Shark.  Since our Game Nights are gaining in popularity we need to look into board games that can accommodate more than 6 players.

Other fun news is that my temperature shot up this morning.  It seems like I ovulated yesterday which would put my EDD at November 19th if we are successful this cycle.  That is one day off my original EDD, but I'll take it.  We had great timing and I am feeling hopeful.  

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