Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waiting game

Still waiting to ovulate, currently sitting at CD 22.  Fun fact!  If I ovulate tomorrow and get pregnant my EDD would be November 20th.  Yep, I will have the same exact due date as last year.  When I mentioned this to Dave the other night he asked if I wanted to stop trying this cycle.  A few months ago I may have taken pause and considered the pros and cons of TTC vs. TTA in this situation.  After suffering a loss it is often said that you feel ready to try again when the want for a child outweighs the fear of miscarrying again.  Dave and I felt ready to try again very quickly, but that fear of another loss is always at the back of my mind.  Over the past few months, that fear is growing smaller and smaller.  Even more so now that we have moved on to fertility treatments.  Only two things will make me stop TTC, either doctor's orders or Dave wanting to avoid.

I would love to be a November mom, but if we have to wait a little longer for our beautiful rainbow so be it.

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