Thursday, February 7, 2013

Giddy up

Had my date with the dildo cam this morning.  It was terribly unromantic, but not all that painful.  The tech was really nice, she could tell I was nervous.  There was mild discomfort during insertion, but I was able to relax.  There was some pain when she was trying to get a look at my right ovary, but that was the worst of it.  Overall, not a terrible experience.  Honestly, the worst part of the visit was getting more blood drawn.  The nurse took two vials and I swear my arm started to wave a white flag of surrender.  It's still very sore, but will hopefully not have to get poked again for a while.

The main event is scheduled for next Wednesday morning.  I explained it a bit in a previous post.  The HSG (hysterosalpingogram) involves a thin catheter being inserted through the cervix.  The uterus and tubes are then filled with contrast dye and x-rays are taken.  The x-rays will show if there are any blockages in the tubes, check the shape of the uterus, and could possibly show abnormalities such as fibroids.  Dr. S prescribed three days of antibiotics since there is a small risk of infection.  He also wrote a Rx for a low dose Valium.  Hopefully it will be enough to keep me from freaking out during the procedure.

After that we will make another appointment with Dr. S to go over all of our results.  At that point we'll discuss the plan for moving forward.  Considering my 50% success rate for ovulating over the past 10 months I can only imagine he'll recommend medication.  Trying not to speculate too much, but I think the dildo cam and I will be having a few more dates.

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