Monday, February 4, 2013

Dashed hopes and a small windfall

It was a long shot really, but it would have been nice to have a surprise BFP before we started our testing cycle.  We had decent timing, was it too much to hope for?  My temp shot up yesterday morning so I tested with a Wondfo.  Well, two of them since the first was a dud.  Yay cheapies!  Took a peek after the five minute timer went off and I was struck with a serious case of line eye.  A super faint shadow of a second line seemed to be taunting my mind.  My heart began to race, could it really be happening?  Had we done it?  Luckily my senses came back to me and I threw the tests away.  There was nothing there.  That was confirmed this morning by a large temp drop.  Didn't even bother wasting a test this morning.  No sign of spotting yet, but I imagine it will start later today followed by my period tomorrow.  

CD 1 marks the day I will make two phone calls.  The first will be Dr. S to schedule CD 3 blood work and ultrasound, yay.  The second call will be the radiologist to schedule the HSG, double yay.  I will also drop off my scripts for antibiotics and low dose Valium for the HSG.  After he receives all the test results we'll meet with Dr. S to discuss and come up with a treatment plan. 

Part of me is hopeful the HSG clears me out and we are able to conceive again on our own that cycle.  That causes the other part of me to panic since the EDD would be in November.  The 'what ifs' that part of my brain comes up with have been quickly dismissed.  

Besides the wonderful alcohol and delicious food it seems the universe decided I needed something else to make up for the impending CD 1.  First we won $4 on our Power Ball ticket.  Not bad.  Then my lucky #13 office Superbowl box matched the final score.  That's $400 in my pocket.  Awww yeah.  I'm taking DH out for a fancy dinner and buying myself something nice.              

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