Friday, February 1, 2013

Dave: 1, Meg: 9

That's how many vials of blood we contributed yesterday.  Clearly, I won [/sarcasm].  My arm is still sore and quite bruised.  We dropped off Dave's semen sample on Monday so we have about half of our initial testing done.  Just waiting on my period to start so I can get CD 3 blood work and ultrasound scheduled and also schedule my HSG.  Judging by my temps it seems I am 10 days past ovulation.  Hopefully my period will show by Tuesday.  Fingers crossed it doesn't start on Monday though since we have an off-site meeting all day on Wednesday.  

Of course, seeing two dark lines on a pregnancy test would be a perfectly acceptable alternative to getting my period.  If my suspected ovulation date is correct we hit O-2.  It's not spectacular timing, but we're also not completely out of the game.  I had the tiniest bit of pink spotting last night and a small bit of my brain and heart are holding out hope it was implantation spotting.  There has been no spotting since.  My temperatures are looking nice, but I tend to have "pretty" charts as long as I ovulate.

We came out to Dave's parents earlier this week about my miscarriage and our IF testing.  They were very supportive and understanding, having gone down a similar road.  They ended up having to go the adoption route in the end.  We also came out to our boss since our appointments will cut into work and I will have to miss work for the HSG.  He was also very understanding and wished us luck.  Having the support and well wishes of others has been incredibly helpful.  It has given us hope that 2013 will be our year.


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