Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crazy morning, good appointment

Today was the day, our first meeting with our RE.  The anxiety has been building steadily over the past few days.  Of course the universe decided to have it's fun this morning.  Took my temp this morning and it had jumped up over a degree.  Really body?  Fertility Friend, the site I use to chart my cycles, had a hardware failure that made chart graphics unavailable.  Awesome.  Luckily the issue was resolved and I was able to print my charts.  Then one of the downstairs printers decided to crap out about ten minutes before we are set to leave.  Who gets that wonderful call and has to fix it?  Yep, David.  There was a moment where it looked like I would be going to the appointment alone.  Cue rising anxiety and panic.  He somehow got a temporary fix in place and we left the office at 9:40 for a 9:45 appointment.  Choosing an RE with an office 5 minutes from our work really came in handy.

We walk into the office, give our paperwork to the receptionist, go over a few things, then the fire alarm goes off in a suite down the hall.  Wonderful.  Choosing an RE with an office a block away from the fire station also came in handy.  It was a false alarm and there was no need to evacuate, a win since it's about 7 degrees out today.

Dr. S came out a few moments later and took us back.  Being a crazy researcher the appointment felt more like a review course.  We talked family medical history, my miscarriage, and my crazy cycles.  With no glaring indications of a problem with either Dave or me, Dr. S feels we should move forward with preliminary testing.  That means a sperm analysis and disease panel blood work for Dave, pretty simple tests that can be done within the next week.  I have to get the disease panel blood work as well.  When my period decides to show up is when the real fun begins.  I'll be getting blood work and ultrasound on CD 3 and a HSG between CD6 and 10.  Dr. S was sympathetic to my concerns of pain and anxiety during the HSG (a procedure involving a small tube being inserted through the cervix into the uterus and filling the uterus and tubes with a contrast dye to be able to find any abnormalities or blockages via x-ray) and prescribed a low dose of Valium.

If everything comes back normal he feels we could move on to a medicated cycle, most likely Clomid, due to my fair number of anovulatory cycles in the past 10 months.  Overall, I think Dr. S is going to be a great fit for us.  He was very compassionate and knowledgeable.  He took the time to explain all of our options, answer our questions, and made us both feel very comfortable.  Hopefully my period shows up in the next few days and we can get this show on the road!                

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