Monday, January 14, 2013

Note to self:

Get a freaking flu shot next year!

Last Monday afternoon I started to feel very off.  My face was burning up while the rest of my body was freezing.  Dave ended up driving me home right after lunch.  By 7pm my temperature was 101.5.  I don't get sick very often, but this year the flu hit me like a semi truck.  Most of Monday night was spent vomiting.  Tuesday was spent coughing and wincing since the previous night's vomiting left my throat feeling like I had drank a gallon of acid.  Wednesday I was able to move to the couch, but continued coughing and trying to will my fever of 101.8 to break.  Dave took me to the doctor Thursday morning and my fever finally broke.  Now armed with wonderful cough syrup laced with codeine I spent most of Thursday sleeping and trying to eat to regain my strength.  Friday saw my fever almost completely gone, but I still worked from home so I could do laundry to prepare for our weekend trip to Baltimore.

We got on the road a bit late since the weather was so crappy.  With Dave driving I had time to lament about the flu most likely ruining our chances of getting pregnant this cycle.  It had struck right in the heart of my fertile window.  Maybe it had delayed ovulation and we could still have a chance?  I got my answer to that question at the next rest stop.  The only saving grace when seeing that much reddish brown blood on the toilet paper was that none had managed to get on my underwear.  Oh well, just another sad 21 day anovulatory chart to add to the pile.  Luckily the rest of the weekend was a blast.  Nothing like good friends, good food, and very good booze to take your mind off the failings of your body.    

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