Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Outlook

Happy 2013 everyone!  NYE in NYC at Bryant Park Grill was so much fun, we definitely needed a night to let loose.  Paying extra to have the VIP roof access made a huge difference.  There were tons of people on the downstairs dance floor and it was loud as hell.  The rooftop bar was quiet, relaxed, and had fantastic bartenders.  It was the perfect start to a new year that will be most certainly be filled with new experiences, hardships, and hopefully a beautiful rainbow baby.  
Of course after the amazing fun of NYE, both Dave and I got sick.  Blech.  The fun stomach bug had me bed ridden for most of Wednesday while Dave has had a killer head cold for the past two days.  Adding to the fun, it seems I may have ovulated early this cycle.  We still managed to knock out O-2 and O, with the possibility of O+1 tonight, so there is still a chance.  A nagging voice at the back of my head likes to remind me how similar this all is to the last time I ovulated early.  Granted we have better timing this time around and are nowhere near as sick as we were then, but it does still leave me with the happy/scared feeling.

Our new insurance cards should be arriving any day now.  We picked the RE we want to go with, it's a practice that has an office about five minutes from our work.  My hopes, which may be completely off base, is that we can get our preliminary testing done and (barring any serious problems) try to do a few more natural cycles.  Late winter into early spring is going to be crunch time for our current work project.  It will be incredibly stressful and leave us with very little to no time off from work.  Our bosses are very understanding and wonderful when it comes to personal matters, but we are leads on this project and need to be focused.  Fingers crossed that my body has finally regulated itself and gets with the program.

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