Friday, January 18, 2013

FU troll body

So it seems like my "period" over the weekend wasn't actually my period.  My temperature spiked well into post ovulation range on Wednesday morning.  It has stayed up the past two days so I am calling it.  That "period" was mid cycle bleeding and ovulation most likely occurred on Tuesday.  Awesome considering we had not had sex since before I got sick last week.  Thanks troll body for ensuring no possible chance for this cycle.

Silver lining is we won't have to wait as long for a new cycle to begin for testing.  There is even the possibility for progesterone testing since I will be 7 or 8 DPO at the RE appointment next week.  Again, just have to enjoy the small victories at this point.

One thing that has been incredibly helpful during the past few months is my new job.  If I was still working crazy theatre hours and dealing with all that stress I don't think we could have taken this path.  I am so much happier now.  We've started up a weekly board game and bad movies night with friends, we go wine tasting with friends every few weekends, we go on weekly dates, and we can enjoy lazy Saturday afternoons together.  There has not been a single event with friends we had to decline or Dave had to go to alone because of my stupid schedule.  We're currently starting to plan an all inclusive getaway during the summer, hopefully it will turn into a babymoon :).

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