Saturday, December 1, 2012


The past few months have been some of the hardest of my life.  To greet the day and carry on with life as normal while your heart shatters into a million pieces is torture.  You suffer in silence behind a mask of your former happy self.  Without the love and comfort of my husband it would have been easy to slip into a deep depression.  It is cliche, but he is my rock.  With his support I was able to get back on my feet and move forward.

Moving forward.  At one point I thought that action would be impossible.  How do you move forward when it seems your future has been ripped away from you?


About Me
Day 4: 10 favorite baby names for boys
  1. Eoin (oh-en): Irish meaning "God is Gracious"
  2. Declan: Irish meaning "full of goodness"
  3. Nathaniel: Hebrew meaning "Given/Gift if God"
  4. Flynn: Irish meaning "son of the red haired one"
  5. Ronan: Irish meaning "little seal"
  6. Tobias: Hebrew meaning "God is good"
  7. Ari: Hebrew meaning "Lion of God"
  8. Liam: Irish meaning "resolute protection"
  9. Landon: English meaning"long hill"
  10. Logan: Scottish meaning "small hollow"

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