Monday, December 3, 2012

Looking towards the future

I am feeling stronger and stronger as each day passes.  The "if"s are being replaced by "when"s, which is a huge step for me.  From the time of the miscarriage up until the EDD I felt trapped.  Every milestone dumped gallons of salty lemon juice onto a freshly reopened wound.  Now that is has passed I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  The thought of having to deal with the EDD without being pregnant again was terrifying.  Honestly, the day wasn't so bad.

Now I feel free to move forward with far fewer expectations and stress.  I would love to get pregnant before Christmas so we can share our joy with my family in person, but it won't be the end of the world if we aren't.  Our company is switching insurance companies and one of the perks is that no referrals are needed for specialists.  So on January 3rd, if we have been unsuccessful in conceiving this cycle, I will be calling to set up a consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

No one wants to have to move onto infertility testing, but it is a sad truth for too many couples.  Since the miscarriage I have had 10 cycles.  One was a TTA (trying to avoid) cycle, 4 with confirmed ovulation, and 5 anovulatory (no ovulation).  Not a great track record.  Hopefully we get our little Christmas miracle though, I would love to be an August mama.

About Me
Day 5: 10 favorite baby names for girls

  1. Kiera: Irish meaning "black haired"
  2. Leila: Persian meaning "dark beauty, night"
  3. Talia: Hebrew meaning "gentle dew from heaven"
  4. Evelyn: English meaning "desired"
  5. Niamh (neev): Irish meaning "bright"
  6. Aoife (EE-fa): Irish meaning "beautiful, radiant"
  7. Lila: Arabis meaning "lilac"
  8. Ayla: Hebrew meaning "halo, moonlight"
  9. Aerin: Irish meaning "from the island to the west"
  10. Ailis (eye-lish): Irish meaning "noble"

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