Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Highs and lows

Still currently in two week wait limbo, yay.  I could be anywhere from 9DPO to 17DPO thanks to previously mentioned thermometer death, joy.  The reality of most likely having my period for Christmas is starting to sink in.  Of course my temperature took a slight dip this morning.  Optimistic Meg sees it as possible implantation dip.  Reality Check Meg sees the warning signs of impending pad purchasing and a very drunken Xmas Eve.

In other news, The Hobbit was amazing!  Seeing it in IMAX 3D was interesting, but gave me serious vertigo.  The screen was almost too big, it was hard to follow all of the action.  It was great to be able to share the experience with my nerdy family members.  We spent most of Saturday afternoon playing games and watching movies like Clue (both the game and the movie), Left Center Right, and Beetlejuice.  I really wish my family lived closer, hosting these types of events is so much fun.

We're shipping up to Boston Friday evening after work.  Unfortunately we have to head home Christmas Day, but we will make the most of the time we have.  Xmas Eve is shaping up to be a jam packed day of fun activities with extended family.  My goal is to enjoy it thoroughly since it could be our last Christmas as Wolf, party of two.

Image from the delightful Chibird

About Me
Day 10: 10 favorite novels (no repeats from favorite book series)

  1. The Loch by Steve Alten
  2. Riptide by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston
  3. Congo by Michael Crichton
  4. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
  5. Extinct by Charles Wilson
  6. Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi
  7. The Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins
  8. From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
  9. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  10. Domain by Steve Alten

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