Friday, December 21, 2012

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Today is CD1 of cycle #15.  Standing on the precipice of 2013 it's hard to be excited for the new year.  We seem to be starting from such a low place, but the thought that this coming year could be worse than 2012 is scary.  Knowing that we will be starting IF testing in the next few months, my New Years Resolution is to be stronger than I have ever been before.  During my OB appointment last week I had a mini freak out during the PAP.  It hurt so much, my mind just went into a panic.  My OB is awesome and calmed me down, but after I felt ashamed for my regression.  Thankfully everything came back normal so no repeat was needed.  Though if I couldn't handle a PAP there isn't much hope for going through some of the IF tests with grace.  Therein lies the resolution for strength, possibly helped along with lots of pain medication.

All of our testing will have to be done through an RE.  When discussing hitting the year mark of trying to conceive, our early miscarriage in March, and subsequent anovulatory cycles Dr. OB printed out a sheet of REs they recommend.  There is no testing done at the OB practice.  Part of me is happy with that, it's nice to know Dr. OB is not a Clomid pusher.  Another part of me wishes we could get some preliminary testing out of the way, but a large portion of the IF journey is patience.  One of the RE teams recommended actually has an office in the town Dave and I work in.  Perfect!  Hopefully the wait for an appointment won't be too long after the New Year.

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