Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 weeks

Holy cow, I'm officially in the double digits!

Over the weekend Dave and I headed to the mall.  My pants just do not fit anymore.  Even using the Bella Band it is just too uncomfortable.  With the IF treatment weight gain and insane bloat none of my summer shorts and capris fit either.  It was time for some maternity clothes.

The Old Navy maternity section was pitiful.  They have so much great stuff online, but the in-store selection was shoved into one tiny corner of mostly long jeans.  Not exactly ideal for summer.  Luckily Motherhood Maternity was right across the way.  A very kind associate greeted us as soon as we walked in.  I started gathering up some shorts and capris to try on.  The associate came over again and offered to set up a fitting room for me.  She took everything I had so far and put it in the fitting room so I could continue browsing.  Dave found a comfy chair next to my assigned fitting room and played on his phone.

All in all we probably spent over an hour in the store.  I needed a dress for Dave's cousin's wedding in two weeks, but had a hard time find something that fit over my crazy boobs.  The awesome associate was a huge help and brought a ton of dresses for me to try on.  The one I ended up falling in love with is a little black lace dress.  It comes with a black skinny belt, but I plan on switching it out for a mint green skinny belt and wearing mint green flats.

I ended up walking out with two shorts, two capris, the dress, a tankini top, and two cross front t-shirts.  With all that I feel confident that I won't need to buy anything else until late second trimester.  A lot of my tops are very flowy and should cover any bloat/bump until then.  We headed to Nordstrom after that to look at bras.  My current 34FFs are getting very tight in the band and cup.  Again, a very helpful associate came to my rescue.  She was a very similar size and brought me a great stretchy bra that should hopefully grow with me for a while.  Ended up buying that bra in black and nude.  It was a very productive shopping day.

Didn't have time for a proper pic this morning

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +2.4 lbs
Stretch marks? No new ones
Maternity clothes? Maternity bottoms have become a must, still fine in regular tops.
Sleep? Sleeping a little bit better these days, but the crazy dreams have started.
Gender? Girl
Best moment of the week? Buying new clothes and bras that make me feel comfortable again.
Movement? Just some uterus stretching sensations
Food cravings? Mac n cheese with peas
Belly button in/out? In
What I miss: Having energy, I feel like a slug most days
What I am looking forward to: Stopping meds in two weeks!  Also our NT scan on July 3rd
Milestones: Hitting double digits and butterfly is a prune.

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