Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Butterfly: The Meds

Saturday morning I met up with a few IDOB ladies for a delicious Panera breakfast.  Having these get togethers is so much fun and it's nice to be able to put a face to a name.  We ended up sitting and talking for over 3 hours without even realizing it!  Being able to form these new friendships has been one of the few positive experiences in our IF journey.

After breakfast I headed over to Mandells to pick up my FET party box.  It was raining pretty bad by that point, but the chill had gone from the air.  Spring seems to finally be on it's way.  Cici had requested that I take a picture of the inspirational quote over the door at the pharmacy to use for our daily IDOB check-in.  It is a really beautiful quote and I try to keep it in mind every day.  

After returning home I unboxed the order.  It seems a lot smaller than my IVF box, but much more daunting for some reason.  The needles are most likely the reason for my apprehension.  Once we get the first shot down I'm sure everything will be fine, just like with the first round of injections.  Some of the girls suggested having the nurse draw a circle around the correct injection site in marker to help.  I think I'll ask Nurse V about it the next time we talk.   

I start Lurpon injections tomorrow night and take the last birth control pill on Sunday night.  I imagine my period will show up the following Saturday or Sunday, making the first monitoring appointment Tuesday 4/15.  Best case scenario has it showing up next Wednesday or Thursday so the monitoring appointment would be Friday 4/11.  That's unlikely to happen, my period tends to show up 6 days after finishing birth control, but a girl can dream. 

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