Monday, November 25, 2013

Back in the game

Amazingly my period started late Thursday night, making Friday CD1.  When the nurse called me back to schedule baseline I asked her to talk to Dr. S about doing Clomid CD5-9 this time due to our holiday travels.  She said they really only do the 5-9 track for TI, but would ask him about it.  She called back less than five minutes later saying Dr. S had given the okay for it.  My baseline was set for Sunday morning.

Saturday evening we went to my old co-worker's Thankstoberfest, basically combining the delicious food of Thanksgiving (including one roasted and one fried turkey) and the delicious beer of Octoberfest.  It was really great to hang out with my old theater crew.  We stayed well into the night, but my 8am baseline appointment the following morning finally pushed us to leave a little before midnight.

My period had slowed quite a bit by Sunday morning, I was actually a bit worried that the lining check would show little improvement.  Well my uterus must have realized the ultrasound was today and started cramming like freshman before finals.  I noticed the increased bleeding while undressing for the ultrasound.  The tech put down a pad and by the end it was a horror show.  While trying to clean up and not bleed all over myself I forgot to ask the tech about the results.

We went wine tasting that afternoon with our couple friends J and K.  On the way to the first place, while trying to eat a very messy bagel sandwich while driving, I get a call from RE office.  Dave put the phone on speaker for me as I held my breath.  My lining looked good and we were all clear to start the cycle.  I start Clomid tomorrow night and have my first monitoring appointment Monday morning.  Celebratory wine tasting is much more fun than drowning your sorrows wine tasting.

I feel really good about this cycle.  Everything fell into place so perfectly to give us this one last shot for 2013.  I'm really interested to see how my ovaries react to the 5-9 track of Clomid.  Hopefully we get one or two mature follies on the left to work with.


  1. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!

  2. I'm so happy for you Meagan! Good luck!!