Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello limbo, we meet again

Got a call from the RE nurse on Thursday afternoon.  She had my MRI authorization number and an order for blood work.  Apparently the MRI place needed this blood work completed before I came in.  So we woke up early Saturday morning to pop over to the office for a quick draw.

Dr. S was just finishing up with another couple while I was signing in.  While showing them out he called Dave and I back for a quick chat.  The radiologist had finally gotten back to him on Friday.  She had not even noticed the rudimentary horn during the scan.  This answer did not please Dr. S so he put a call in to the MRI doctor and was waiting to hear back.

The big concern with a rudimentary horn is the possibility that it is still communicating with the body.  Researchers believe this could be the reason for the high rate of miscarriage with UUs.  The horn will keep sending signals that pregnancy did not occur, even if an embryo had implanted in the main part of the uterus.  My rudimentary horn is small and non-cavitary, Dr. S feels it is just an artifact and should cause no problems.  He is still incredibly thorough and wants confirmation from the MRI doctor.

If no straight answer can be found then it's time for more tests.  He started describing a procedure similar to the HSG, but the balloon is placed in the cervix instead of the uterus.  Honestly at that point my mind went to it's happy place and my ears stopped working.  I had not had any coffee by that point and couldn't handle it. The final step, should that horror of a test show anything or also come back inconclusive, would be surgery to remove the horn.  At this point, I would rather just get the surgery.  I'd rather have peace of mind knowing it's gone than continue to worry over inconclusive tests.

Is that selfish and a cop out?  Most likely.  Do I care?  Not really.  Maybe it's the Parlodel making me feel like crap or that I feel like I'm running on fumes at the moment, but I just need something to go my way.  April is going to be a very long month.  

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