Friday, December 7, 2012


Why did I start this blog?  What do I expect to gain from this experience?  Why not just write it down in a journal and lock it away?  What are my hopes and expectations in sharing our journey?

I have always been a private person, preferring to keep my emotions and thoughts to myself.  Great at listening and giving advice to friends, but shy and awkward in large groups.  Public speaking puts me in a cold sweat just thinking about it.  By having these thoughts published in a somewhat public place I am challenging myself to not only work on my writing, but also become more comfortable with letting myself speak freely.

My hopes for this blog are to document our journey into parenthood and raising our kids in a geeky fashion.  I also hope to be able to find the strength to share this blog with my family.  Very few people know about our loss and while we don't want to enforce the stigma of suffering in silence, we would rather have some happy news to share before letting them know about our struggles.  If there is anything we have learned over our six years together it's that we can make it through anything, no matter how bad things get.  Yes we are right in the thick of a bad storm now, but waiting for us on the other side is our rainbow. 

About Me
Day 7: 10 favorite drinks
  1. B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser
  2. Cupcake Moscato D'Asti
  3. Sangria
  4. Luca Malbec
  5. Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
  6. Lindemans Framboise Lambic
  7. Tiramisu Martini
  8. Milk and Baileys
  9. Silver Decoy Blueberry wine
  10. Adirondack Winery Wild Red

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