Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dipping a toe...

It's always been difficult to find the right words to start with.  Having to get up in front of a bunch of people, be they friends or strangers, has always caused me a fair amount of anxiety.  Writing a blog post should be simple, but I find myself struggling to find the right words.  Perhaps it is the subject that I plan to center my first few posts around has caused this apprehension; the want to keep a freshly healed wound hidden from the world rather than proudly show off the scar, the proof I survived. We'll keep this intro short, no need to drag on with the details.

My name is Meg and I wed the love of my life, Dave, a little over two years ago.  We have three wonderful kitties (Hikaru, Sakura, and Miria) who keep us constantly entertained.  In November 2011 we made the life changing decision to start trying to conceive our first child.  The first few blog posts will chronicle the past year, the triumphs and the heartaches, and bring you up to speed on my current state of mind.  It has always been easier to write out my feelings rather than say them out loud.  My hope is to free my heart and mind of the dark prison I've created around them, it is time to heal.

To keep this blog from being entirely depressing I've decided to try out one of the 30 day blog challenges.  

About Me
Day 1: 10 facts about yourself
  1. 27 years old
  2. Favorite colors are blue, purple, and teal
  3. Hobby is making origami paper stars
  4. Favorite season is summer
  5. Used to have my nose pierced
  6. Proud member of IATSE
  7. Loves Tiramisu martinis
  8. Cannot handle spicy food
  9. Hates watching movies in the movie theater
  10. Loves cat .gifs
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