Monday, September 15, 2014

A terrifying week: Part 1

Last week was probably one of the scariest weeks of my whole life.  Friday before last we headed in for the anatomy scan and cervical length check.  The tech pointed out everything she measured.  Seeing butterfly's little fingers and toes was amazing.  Being the trouble maker she is, butterfly would not get into position for all the pictures the tech needed.  After a quick bathroom trip it was back on the table for the cervical length check.  I could immediately tell that something was wrong.  The tech spent a lot of time measuring and getting different views.  We were then sent to the waiting room with no pictures as butterfly had not given up her profile shot.

When we were called back to meet with Dr. J I was practically shaking.  Dr. J came in and calmly explained that my cervix had shortened from 3.7cm last check to now 8mm.  We were to head over to the hospital immediately for observation.  After checking in we were taken to the evaluation wing and into a private room.  I was hooked up to the contraction monitor, which thankfully showed a quiet uterus.  They did another ultrasound to confirm the original tech's findings.  One of the MFM assistants came in, Dr. J, and did a speculum and internal exam to make sure my cervix was still closed.  It was, which she was very happy about.  Dr. C was the OB on call from my office and she came in to chat.  She said the MFM would come up after his rotation downstairs to talk with us about options.  Her recommendation was a cerclage, where they stitch the cervix shut, but the decision would be up to Dave, the MFM and me.

After a few hours, where I wasn't allowed to eat or drink in case we did the surgery, the MFM Dr. H came up to talk to us.  He explained the two options.  One, we could try progesterone and bed rest.  The concern about this route was it may not work at all.  Also, the study for this process had turned away anyone with a mullerian anomaly.  The second option was the cerclage.  With the cerclage there was a chance of him breaking my water during the procedure.  After discussing the options with Dave, we decided to try the progesterone and bed rest route first.  Once we got closer to viability at 24 weeks then we'd consider the cerclage.

I was discharged about an hour later with a prescription for Crinone, a vaginal progesterone suppository, and instructions for bed rest.  I could get up to use the bathroom and take short showers, but had to be in bed the rest of the time.  We would go back to the office on Tuesday for a follow up ultrasound and anatomy scan take two.  In the meantime I could work from home as long as I didn't get stressed.

We headed home, exhausted and hungry from the long day.  I got set up in bed and snuggled the kitties,  They were very happy to have us home after being gone most of the day.  With some sadness I backed out of my friend's bacherlorette party, knowing I likely would not be able to walk around that much in two weeks.  There was still hope I could at least attend the wedding, even if it meant being in a wheelchair for the day.

To be continued...  

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  1. So terrifying, I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you! Sending lots of prayers and love to you and butterfly!