Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Butterfly: Mother's Day

On SAIF someone posted asking what Mother's Day last year was like for you.  Last year I was still struggling with the diagnosis of my unicornuate uterus.  The abnormal bleeding and super thick uterine lining had Dr. S scheduling an endometrial biopsy.  It felt like our whole world had been turned upside down.  Mother's Day last year was just awful.  If I had not miscarried that first pregnancy it would have been my first Mother's Day.  Instead I was reeling from the knowledge that I was born incomplete and it could not be fixed.

It's truly amazing how much can change in a year.  Yesterday I was 4w5d, the point at which I started bleeding heavily last pregnancy.  Honestly, I was feeling great except for a very sore bum after the morning PIO.  A little before noon Dave and I called my mom on speakerphone.  After exchanging hellos I told her "Happy Mother's Day Nana!".  She asked "really?" about five times.  My whole family was so excited and we laughed at how my mother, brother, and sister had the same multiple "really?" reaction.  I am so excited to see everyone in person next week!

We met up with Dave's parents for dinner later that night.  Before heading up we picked up two cards and some chocolates.  The first card was the usual funny card from the two of us.  The second card was a grandmother card.  It was perfect since it didn't have 'Grandma' written in big letter.  Instead the text at the bottom read "our family is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and grandma".  I had hidden the second card inside the tissue paper with the chocolate.

Once we sat down at the table MIL started opening the gift.  She was surprised finding the second card.  Dave and I watched her closely as she read it.  You could see the exact moment she read the word grandma.  Then started the "oh my God"s and "are you serious?".  We told her to keep reading.  The card had been signed "Love, David & Meagan & Granddaughter (coming January 13, 2015)".  Yes, butterfly is a girl.  She started to cry and hugged us.  At that point our waitress came over and asked MIL "Just find out you are going to be a Grandma?".  We all laughed and we happily talked about the next steps.  They can't wait until we announce, but promised to stay tight lipped until then.

This morning we got up early for beta #3.  Amazingly I have not used any more pregnancy tests since Thursday.  The nurse was wearing her butterfly shirt again this morning, taking that as a very good sign.  It's going to be a very long day waiting for that call.

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