Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh, hello there

On Friday night we had dinner with Dave's parents and told them the good news.  They were very excited for us.  His mom was even more excited when we talked about our future plans of moving.  We'd like to move up north, most likely settling down in the same town as Dave's best friend J.  This would put us about 20 minutes away from Dave's parents.  His mom even mentioned happily retiring to take care of our kids, most likely when we're ready for baby #2.  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

After dinner we went to meet up with previously mentioned best friend J.  At the bar I got a strange feeling and decided to run to the bathroom while the boys caught up.  Lo and behold there was a tinge of pink on the toilet paper.  Of all the days to be cute and wear a thong...  Luckily I had a small pad in my purse and made it work.  Later in the evening when J went to the restroom I let Dave know the situation.  His eyes lit up and he excitedly hugged me.  He was elated to be one step closer to becoming a father.

CD1 officially came the next morning and I called the office to let them know.  We met my brother and his girlfriend for lunch and I ended up missing the call from Nurse V.  She told me to refill my birth control and she would follow up with further instructions.  

After not hearing back on Sunday I called and left a message for her this morning.  She called back soon after.  I will be starting the birth control pills tonight.  We go in for our FET injections class next Monday morning.  Dave may be a little too excited to learn how to do the IM shots.        


  1. Ahhh, I'm so excited for you!! Wishing you so much luck with your FET!!

  2. I love that Dave understood the significance of your spotting! Everything is crossed :)