Monday, February 10, 2014

Party in a box

On Friday Dave let it slip that he had bought me a Valentine's Day present.  The man is terrible at pulling off surprises, but he always tries really hard.  He was determined to not tell me what it was until the 14th.  We had to run out during lunch to run some errands.  While getting back in the car with a few bags I felt something on the seat.  Dave had managed to toss a small jewelry box onto the seat before I sat down.  It contained a beautiful sapphire claddagh ring.


Dave had stalked my Pinterest boards and found a similar ring I had pinned a while ago.  I nearly started crying, it is so beautiful.  So this year Dave wins Valentine's Day.  For his present I am going to take him on a used game/comic book store adventure.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to the pharmacy to pick up my party pack.  The pharmacist came out with a huge bag with lots of little prescription stickers on it.  I hurried home and immediately unpacked everything.  I have never seen so many needles in my entire life.
Meds with bonus cat

Our IVF class is tomorrow afternoon and I should be getting my calendar.  Judging by the Lupron kit we are probably looking at a March ER.  On Sunday I ordered a bridesmaid dress for a friend's October wedding.  I ordered it two sizes up since best case scenario has me ~6 months pregnant.  Hopefully I will be getting it altered around a baby bump.

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