Monday, July 8, 2013

Two more days

Yep, in two days we will be on a plane heading towards tropical paradise.

Not a bad view

We had an excellent four day weekend.  The 4th was spent chilling out at home and running a few errands.  We saw a late showing of This Is The End with our friend P, it was absolutely hysterical.  On Friday we did a Costco run and I got my nails done.  They had just got in the new Essie collection and I could not resist the Naughty Nautical.  I will definitely be buying a bottle for myself.  FYI, I have already horribly chipped my manicure.  I suck at being a girl.

Essie's Naughty Nautical

Saturday was a very busy day.  We ended up waking up late, which threw our morning plans off.  Our friends J and C were hosting an afternoon BBQ at their place, about an hour away from us.  We stayed for a few hours and got to see a lot of old friends.  Then we were off again for the main event, Space Game Weekend.  

We host a board game night every week, but usually only have a few hours to play one or two short games.  There is never enough time to be able to go through our more epic games, which are all space related, like Eclipse and Twilight Imperium.  Everyone arrived around 7pm and we set up Eclipse.  It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to just set up the game and try to walk the 3 Eclipse virgins through the game mechanics.  It's a hex board building game with aspects of exploration, space battles, researching technology, building fleets, diplomacy, and being a dick to your friends.  It took us about 7 hours to play with 7 people (Dave and I tag teamed since we were cooking/making sangria/various other hosting duties).  It was around 3am by the time it was finished so we all went to bed.  
Eclipse, Dave and I were green :)

In the morning Dave was the breakfast king and whipped up scrambled eggs and sausage for everyone.  Nursing our hangovers with strong coffee we set up Galaxy Trucker.  This game was a lot of fun.  You start with a grid board that resembles the shape of a small ship.  There are tons of tiles that represent ship parts like crew quarters, lasers, engines, shields, batteries, storage containers, etc.  You start each round by frantically building your ship from the pile of tiles.  When the first person finishes, everyone has 30 seconds to finish their ship.  Then you start your adventure with the player in first place drawing cards and reacting accordingly.  Sometimes there are planets to colonize or you are attacked by slavers.  Your ship could get torn apart by asteroids and you have to sit out the rest of the round.  There are three rounds, each one giving you a larger ship grid to build on and harder challenges to face.  It went by relatively quickly once we all had the hang of it.

Didn't get any pictures during our game, but this shows some Round 3 ships 
Since it was well into the afternoon once we finished Galaxy Trucker it was decided to hold off on Twilight Imperium.  It is an enormous game and none of us had any idea how long it would take to play.  Instead we broke out Cards Against Humanity until early evening.  It was a very successful weekend and we hope to do it again sometime in August for Twilight Imperium.

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