Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally some good news

As usual my phone did not want me to actually talk to Dr. S and I ended up with a nice long voicemail yesterday afternoon.  He had the results of my MRI, they did not find any tumors or lesions on my pituitary gland.  That is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

He also heard back from the MRI doctor about my rudimentary horn.  She looked over the images again and saw that there is no endometrial lining in the horn.  The other good news is that it appears to be attached to the muscle of the uterus and not in any way affecting the endometria.  To be absolutely sure she wants to take a look at the images from my HSG.  So, I get to pick up the CD from Dr. S and drop it off at the radiology center.  I really should start a courier business on the side.

My chart has been looking really nice this cycle, which makes me believe the Parlodel is working.  If I were to return to "normal" this month then I should be ovulating any day now.  My temp jumped a little yesterday raising my hopes, but was back down in the 96 range this morning.  I am trying not to hold out too much hope for this cycle, but things seem to be going our way lately.  Maybe it'll finally be our turn.

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